International Competition: Students Reinventing Cities

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Students Reinventing Cities is a pioneering international competition organized by C40 and 18 global cities. The contest aims to enable global collaboration between students, universities and cities, reimagining how urban areas are planned and designed for a more sustainable and inclusive future.

Within this framework, Buenos Aires made available information about a space in the city (Balvanera Sur) for students to contribute their ideas to reinvent the urban space in a green and fair way.

We invite you to present your transformative proposal and participate in this unique opportunity for universities and students from all over the world.

Find out how to participate!

For more information, the City of Buenos Aires and C4O will hold an information session about the contest and the details of the Buenos Aires – Balvanera Sur site. They will also explain how this initiative aligns with the City’s strategy to combat climate change and support green and thriving neighborhoods. The meeting will end with a space for questions and answes.

When: Thursday, February 25, 11.30 AM (local time in Buenos Aires)
Duration: 1 hour

Register here

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